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Personal Training

* single session               - £35 per hour

* 4/8 week package        - £250

* 5/10 week package      - £300

* 6/12 week package      - £340

* all packages include a membership for the online fitness training and nutrition program

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

* manual lymphatic drainage is a specialized massage technique to treat many health conditions such as

* headaches and migraine

* lymphoedema and fluid retention

* maternity swelling * fatigue and stress relief

* recovery and support during weight loss/ Detox

* recovery after fractures, cancer, torn muscles.

Cellulite and Detox Treatment

Improve the appearance of your body, increase lymph flow and get baby soft skin.

This tailored Anti- Cellulite Treatment is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite and smoothen your skin and tissue.

The package includes

* brush massage to increase blood flow and remove dead skin cells

* manual lymphatic drainage to increase lymph flow and remove toxins

* anti cellulite massage with essential oils to smoothen the skin and break up cellulite tissue

Afterwards you can sit down with a cup of Detox Tea to support the treatment. Pre-booking required/ 1 1/2 hour treatment £50

Pilates Personal Training & small groups

* single session                          - £25 per hour

* 6 week basic course                - £150

* 12 week intermediate course   - £300

Courses include workshop manuals and training videos

Active Fitness offers now a variety of classes online! Check the timetable for classes and booking. Fun classes, effective workouts- stay fit at home.