Active Fitness

                                       Exercise that fits your needs



Initial Assessment                            £45 (1 hour)

Follow-up Treatment                        £35 (30 min)


Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue/ Medical Massage, Facial Massage, Full Body/ Back, Neck Massage, Pregnancy Massage

30 min massage                               £20

45 min massage                               £30

60 min massage                              £40


Ultrasound                                     £15 (10 min)

TENS                                              £25 (20min)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

30 min                                          £30

45 min                                          £40

60 min                                         £45

Anti Cellulite and Detox Treatment

1 1/2 hour treatment                     £50

Aromatherapy and guided meditation

Tailored to your needs- enjoy the relaxing smell of essential oils and let go of stress and tension. Treatment includes herbal tea, essential oil massage, aromatherapy diffusion, 30 min guided relaxation

1 hour                                         £26

1h 15 min                                   £36

1h 30 min                                  £46

Facial and Neck Detox

This rejuvenating treatment increases blood and lymph flow, tightens the skin and helps the body to get rid of toxins.

Relax and give your skin an amazing glow! Starting with a face and neck massage to soften the muscles, followed by a massage with a jade roller to tighten the skin and ended with cupping to increase blood and lymph flow. Vitamin A and E oil promotes collagen restoring and leaves the skin soft and relaxed.

 30 min                                     £20

45 min                                       £30