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Don't forget to stay hydrated!

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Don't forget to stay hydrated!

With the heatwave approaching this summer, we thought it's important to stay hydrated. In this months blogpost, we tell you everything you need to know, to stay healthy and safe this summer.




The human brain is composed of 95% water, blood is 83% and muscles are 76%!

That's quite a lot and show's us how important hydration actually is, unfortunatly it's often underestimated!


Most people don't realize how much fluid they lose throughout the day, to show you how much it actually is, here are some examples:

* Excretion: a person can lose a pint to several gallons of urine a day.

* Breathing: when we inhale, moisture is added to the air as it passes to our lungs. The humidified air is then lost, once we exhale and the amount    of water lost depends on the levels of humidity of the air.

* Sweating: we lose a under a liter of water daily when it evaporates from the skin. This amount can increase dramatically when we sweat                  profusely due to vigorous workouts or high body temperature.

* Digestion: generally, we lose little water through the digestive track. However, in the case of severe diarrhoea and vomiting, a gallon or more can    be lost.

Now is the question how much water do we actually need to stay well hydrated and healthy? 

According to the National Academy of Sciences, adult women (age 19+) need about 11 cups of water a day, or 2.7 liters. Men should be getting about 15 cups, or 3.7 liters. Children need less, about 5-7 cups.


Infants: A few sips throughout the day but not more than two ounces of water.any more can fill up the little space they have for breast milk or formula

For children between the ages of 4 to 13: drink between 1-1.7 litres of water per day


To stay well hydrated, try to incooperate more water into your daily lifestyle habits, for example: everytime you look on your phone take a sip of water (or unsweetened tea). You can even spice up your water by mixing it with tea or juice :)

Did you know that you can top up your water intake with fruit and vegetables? Just prepare a snack box with bell peppers, water melon, cucumber, grapes and strawberries. Why not making hydration more fun? There are several apps you can download that remind you of drinking water and theyr'e fun as well :)


But what does fluid for your body? Here are some benefits:


* A vital nutrient to the life of every cell, acts first as a building material. (anti aging as well)

* It regulates our internal body temperature by sweating and respiration

* The carbohydrates and proteins that our bodies use as food are metabolized and transported by water in the bloodstream

* It assists in flushing waste mainly through urination and the lymphatic system

* acts as a shock absorber for brain, spinal cord, and fetus

* forms saliva

* lubricates joints

* What are the symptoms of dehydration?


 To stay safe this summer it's essential to know the symptoms of dehydration:


Infant or young child

* Dry mouth and tongue

* No tears when crying

* No wet diapers for three hours

* Sunken eyes, cheeks

* Sunken soft spot on top of skull

* Listlessness or irritability


* Extreme thirst

* Less frequent urination

* Dark-colored urine

* Fatigue

* Dizziness

* Confusion

* swollen tongue

Now  it's time to enjoy the warm weather :)


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